Different Genres of Comedy Explained

Different Genres of Comedy Explained

Comedy is just comedy, right? Actually, the answer is no. There isn’t just one type of comedy. So, in order to help you get an idea of the various types of comedy there is, we have created a list that explains ten different genres of comedy.

1.) Dark Comedy

Comedian Examples: Seth MacFarlane, Sacha Baron Cohen, and the Coen Brothers

Dark comedy, sometimes referred to as black comedy, is a genre of comedy that focuses on disturbing subjects. Instead of forming jokes around lighthearted everyday situations, the jokes focus around things such as; death, drugs, rape, and war. A great example of how this genre is used in films is in the Scary Movie films.

2.) Blue Comedy

Comedian Examples: Martin Lawrence, George Lopez, and Bob Saget (https://www.instagram.com/bobsaget/)

The next comedy genre is blue comedy. Blue comedy typically focuses on jokes with a sexual nature. Also, the jokes will typically use profane language, as well as reference sexism and racism.

3.) Character Comedy

Comedian Examples: Tim Allen, Larry the Cable Guy, and Stephen Colbert

The third comedy genre, on our list, is character comedy. Character comedy is when the performer invents a persona, and performs as that designated persona. The persona is often derived from a stereotype.

4.) Cringe Comedy

Comedian Examples: Richard Herring, Rufus Hound (Wiki), and Larry David

The fourth comedy genre, on our list, is cringe comedy. Cringe comedy is a form of comedy that revolves around embarrassment. In addition to the embarrassment factor, jokes often include inappropriate actions and words. This is the most common form of comedy for television shows and movies.

5.) Deadpan Comedy

Comedian Examples: Jim Gaffigan, Aubrey Plaza, and Zach Galifianakis

Next on our list is deadpan comedy. Deadpan comedy relies on the craft of being able to tell jokes without changing your facial expression or emotion. Thus, deadpan comedy is usually performed in a monotonous voice, as well as a blank expression.

6.) Improvisational Comedy

Comedian Examples: Robin Williams, Adam Sandler ( facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sandler), and Jeff Davis

Another form of comedy is improvisational comedy. Sometimes referred to improv comedy, the sets that stand-up comedians give in this genre, as well as the movies and television shows that have this genre of comedy are completely improvised. In other words, the comedians who use improvisational comedy do not prepare a set in advanced. Instead, they take the stage, or report to set, and say whatever comes to mind.

7.) Insult Comedy

Comedian Examples: Ricky Gervais, Jimmy Carr, and Frankie Boyle

The next comedy genre on our list is insult comedy. Insult comedy is practically self-explanatory. Basically, the performer bases their jokes on making fun of the audience, as well as other performers.

8.) Observational Comedy

Comedian Examples: Jerry Seinfeld (http://supcomedy.com/artist/jerry-seinfeld/), Chris Rock, and Ellen DeGeneres

The eighth comedy genre is one of the most popular forms of comedy. Observational comedy focuses on jokes that make fun of everyday life. These jokes often discuss the silliness of something, as well as making trivial things seem more important than they actually are.

9.) Physical Comedy

Comedian Examples: Jim Carrey, Chevy Chase, and Lucille Ball

The next comedy genre is physical comedy. Instead of just telling phenomenal jokes to get the audience to erupt in laughter, comedians who use physical comedy use physical movement and gestures to get the audience to laugh.

10.) Prop Comedy

Comedian Examples: Bob Nelson, Jeff Dunham, and The Amazing Jonathan

Finally, the last comedy genre, on our list, is prop comedy. Prop comedy is also self-explanatory. Basically, prop comedy focuses on props to help get the audience to laugh. A quintessential example of someone who uses prop comedy is Jeff Dunham. Dunham uses his ventriloquist skills, as well as many different dolls, to help him perform stand-up.