Kaav – Malayali Music Band goes international – Cochin/Kochi


From being featured in “The Guardian”, an online newspaper based in UK with international presence, to being featured in ColdPlay’s website, it has been a dream run for Kaav, a trio instrumental band in Vypin, Cochin. Who would have thought that when three friends from Cochin with a passion for music get together, they will not only create magic, but will also rock the international music scene?  But they did so and how?

Formed in 2009 by Shyam Pai (on the lead guitar) Shabeer Ali (on the bass) and Arun Kumar (on the drums) Kaav’s music is a psychedelic mix of Indian classical music, folk, rock, metal and more. They released their three-song debut album (Extended Play or EP) recently and it features three tracks – Daya, Psyche and Kettukatha. Apart from finding a place in Cold play’s website, ‘Daya’ is also the Indian representative on this massive international indie mixtape. The EP kicks off with this track which is post rock and progressive. The visuals of the video give you an insight into the kind of music Kaav is into. Arun Kumar and Shyam Pai shot this video around the coastal areas of Kochi. Visuals of gushing waves, sunset, and forests transport you to the lap of nature. But too much attention on the cable wires and the crows nesting on them takes the focus away from the surreal feel.  The track begins with a loud powerful rhythm, but has a dose of soothing rhythms at regular intervals, which makes it easy on your ears even if you are not much of a rock fan.

The second track “psyche” is softer in comparison, but the drums and guitar tunes stand out. “Kettukatha”, the third track begins with certain mellowness, but proceeds with a greater momentum with the influence of guitar strums. As soon as the track begins, there is a lot of hustle-bustle in the background, conversations in Malayalam and some muffled chuckles. But then the calmness prevails and the track ends with some kind of vague noises.  Just like their music, Kaav has created waves and exploded music scene and hopefully is here to stay.