Malayalam Wikipedia completes 10,000 article milestone

Malayalam wikipedia completed 10,000 articles on June 1st 2009.

malayalam wiki

Some Statistics

  • On May 2009 malayalam wikipedia had 9972 articles after the addition of 494 articles and on June 1st it reached 10,001.
  • Among Indian wikipedias Malayalam wiki is the 7th to bypass this golden figure
  • Page depth went from 147 to 150. In world wikipedias Malayalam wiki is placed fourth in page depth after English (429), Hebru (183) and simhaleese (161). Among Indian wikipedias malayalam wiki is way ahead. Bengali wiki which is second has only a page depth of 55.
  • Total registration : 10,547. Hindi wiki leads with 15,233 registered users and telugu wiki follows malayalam with 9989 users.
  • Total Uploaded images 5836