Nike Introduce Anti-Clog Traction Technology – Soccer Cleats

Nike Introduce Anti-Clog Traction Technology

A great nail biting game is not always played in optimal weather conditions. And when the weather is bad, it can make for less than perfect conditions, which is why the Nike company has envisioned, created, and manufactured a forward thinking anti-clog traction technology soccer cleat that will stand the test of time in how it performs.

When it rains it inevitably creates mud, and it tends to clog up shoes which will ultimately weigh down a shoe that it settles into. It can be the very reason that a good player might lose their footing during an important game and possibly even miss a scoring opportunity. That is why there is a need for running shoe that does not suffer from this fate.

During unsightly weather conditions, mud has always presented ill-fated outdoor sporting conditions for the athletes that play in the game. The players have adapted to tapping their running shoes together too clear and free them from the mud that tends to stay with them. When mud adheres itself to the bottom of the cleats, it serves to slow them down as they move and the interference also makes them less agile in their movement.

The overall heaviness of the added weight is not helpful and inhibits an athlete’s overall abilities. It can wholly compromise their movement over the course of the game and can be the deciding factor between a win or a loss at the end of the day. When the focused goal is speed and precision, then every athlete looks to a great pair of shoes to aid in making that happen for themselves as well as their team.

The Nike Anti-Clog Traction cleats help to avert mud from clogging the sole of the shoe while in use. The shoe can be used for more than sport because it is highly versatile in nature. The cleat provides a technologically advanced design that has been developed based on the insight that was gathered from other Nike products that have been highly effective.

Nike understands what athletes need and what makes them play at their best for each and every game and that is why they continue to challenge themselves to remain on the bleeding edge of design and construction for their customers. Some problems, simply put, are solvable and muddy clogged cleats are one of them and that is what makes this product line great.

The Nike Anti-Clog Traction cleats offer an adaptive polymer. It is a substance that becomes yielding when it is exposed to water. The water repellent solution is what sets it apart from the rest. It is an effective and efficient material that is very useful for this application. It serves to repel water, but it also does not sacrifice its ability to provide improved traction meanwhile.

The Nike Introduce Anti-Clog Traction Technology – Soccer cleats are a one of a kind athletic shoe that are the best choice for the serious athlete while they are playing the game. The soles never clog and also offer better traction while in use.


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