The Newest 315 Year Old Art Gallery In Kochi – David Hall

david hall old

Say Hello to Cochin’s newest Art Gallery/Cafe. David Hall was built in in 1695 and served as the residence of a Dutch commander Hendrik Adriaan Van Reede Tot Drakestein, who is also the author of renowned book “Horticus Malabaricus”. Then, it served as the home of a Jewish business man, David Koder and before it became an art gallery run by the CGH Earth (Casino Group Of Hotels), who leased out the building for 25 years.

Being 315 years old the building was not it’s best of forms. But the renovation team was able to pull off the task successfully. The restoration of the building itself took a lengthy 19 years. The renovation work saw more of restoration than actually adding anything new. A lot of work went into the restoration process to preserve the building in its original aesthetic beauty.

Other than exhibiting paintings, they also converted David Hall into a Centre for Performing Arts and a complete Cultural Centre in Cochin. David Hall will also focus on little known art forms and will try to bring them into the limelight. Unlike other Art Galleries, they have promised to make art more affordable for the public. This would be the launch pad for all upcoming and struggling artists to portray their work.

With a cafe also thrown into this Art Gallery and Performing Arts Centre, David Hall is sure to help people satisfy more than just their hunger for art. With all these packed in one, David Hall is all set to be Kashi Art Gallery’s new competition.